Who Knew What and When…Worse Than I Thought

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And I predict this will initiate a wave of similar chains of abuse in college sports around the country. When there’s a scandal like this, everybody starts taking a closer look at their own house. Where there is this kind of power; there’s bound to be all types of abuses.


May I Please Have A New Archbishop?

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Rowan is dreadful in yesterday’s Financial Times. Church of England has always been so busy trying to prove that it won’t suck up to wealth, that it ignores the fact that it’s congenital sin is sucking up to power.


Shameless Self Promotion

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My latest Forbes.com column…
“What holds Europe together now is a combination of factors: A governing elite, largely French in culture, driven by the simple will-to-power; national leaders who hunger for the acclaim of the supra-national elite culture more than for the citizens of their own nations; and the citizens of those nations who have been bludgeoned into silence regarding their ‘euro-skepticism’, but who are just beginning to wake up to the fact that they were right all along.”


OWS Should Occupy College Admissions Office

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Big School, the huge, bloated, inefficient overprice, overpromised, underachieving industry which actually did the most harm to these kids remains curiously untouched by the left.


New Age Kept Jobs From Old Age

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It seems more and more likely that Jobs tendyish rejection of western medicine in favor of ‘wholistic’ and ‘alternative’ medicine, shortened his life.


The Logic of BHO and FDR

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If no president since FDR has won reelection with greater than 7.5% unemployment and the unemploymenet rate will almost certainly be that high come next November, than BHO should imitate FDR.


Lower Standard of Living

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Chain store sales dropped since last week, and are up on 2.4% compared to last year, but wait, if inflaiton is up almost 4% and our purchases are up less than that, then the math is undeniable, we actually got less stuff. Makes perfect sense, our real income is down roughly 2% over the past year and we’re reducing our standard of living accordingly.


Flat Tax Fairer Than ‘Fair Tax’

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Rick Perry did the right thing today proposing a flat tax akin to the Steve Forbes model. It would bring huge growth; not shaft retirees (like sales tax) and not require a constitutional amendment. It also puts Romney on the defensive as the only front-runner without a real conservative tax plan.


Springtime For Hitler

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First ‘Arab Spring’ election and guesss who’s winning…
“In all these countries, Islamists are likely to emerge with the greatest influence. Many Arabs will now look to Tunisia’s peaceful election, declared free and fair by observers, as a model for what is possible after the fall of dictatorial regimes.”


Say Hello To My Little Friend

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Dudley says Bernanke not out of bullets, he’s right. Fed has an infintely expandable balance sheet. Think Al Pacino at the end of scarface, plenty of bullets left, but that doesn’t mean a happy ending.


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