Libya is Free!

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Except for the women, of course, and investors, and Jews and Christians, and homosexuals, they’re not free either, but Libya is free now, just like they told us.

Perry’s Flat Tax

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This is a good plan which will move the debate. Now Perry and Cain both have bold tax plans while Romney is left with a Rube Goldberg 59 Point plan.

Is Already Very Free Switzerland Moving Free-er?

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Hard to tell with these european right of center parties. Sometimes they’re libertarian, and sometimes they’re nationalist. Still shows how sick Europe is that a party opposed to joining euro is showing big gains.

‎3.3 Million New Poor People in One Year

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Quite an accomplishment to have that many people fall below the poverty line. Keynesian left thinks mentioning the poor alot means they own them and their votes and the moral high ground. And it might because their supporters are simply data immune. For those who aren’t, here’s the data:​1pubs/acsbr10-01.pdf

Here’s Your Raise America…Negative Two Percent

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Since last year’s ‘summer of recovery’ weekly wages have gone up 1.8%, but inflation was 3.8%, so your real wage dropped 2%. Your standard of living is dropping. Had enough yet?​e/pdf/wkyeng.pdf

Nein, Nein, Nein or My Free Advice For The Cain Campaign

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What’s the worst aspect of his tax plan? Click below to find out.

Herman, Drop the 999 or Expect Even Worse from the Dems

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“Former pizza magnate Herman Cain had a chance Tuesday night to convince voters he’s not just the latest fad, debating fellow Republican presidential candidates in economically hard-hit Nevada as he enjoyed his new standing atop opinion polls.”

An Oldie, but I Hope Still a Goodie

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Why the national sales tax is a stinker and why Cain should run from it.

Nein, Nein, Nein Plan

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Cain’s great; the plan isn’t.

Someone Else Sees the College Bubble Being Popped

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If higher ed is a bubble waiting to be popped, occupy wall street might just be the prick that does it…
“So, Occupy Wall Street kids, you’re right — there are some sleazy characters out there! But I wish you’d turn that laser of your rage on the educrats hiding behind their ivy-covered walls; the ones hawking the notion that without a four-year college degree, you’ll end up the gutter; the ones exploiting fear to sell a product that grows more expensive, and more shoddy, every year.”

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